Kayaking at Qatar’s Purple Island

The festivities of the FIFA World Cup 2022 have engulfed every nook and cranny of Doha; and while the team chants and match frenzy offer unmatched levels of excitement, there are times that you might feel the need to pause and catch your breath away from the crowds and the competition. This is where Qatar’s serene Purple Island comes in, offering a much-welcome respite from the clamor of city life.

Bustling with natural biodiversity, flora, and fauna, Purple Island is located on the Northeastern coast of Qatar and is a popular destination for locals and visitors seeking nature retreats in the country. The reservation’s unique biodiversity makes it a popular destination for fish, crabs, and birds — but perhaps the most exotic creatures to have set foot in the reserve are flamingos, which are typically spotted between the months of November and April during their yearly migration trip to Africa.

Get in touch with nature on a trip to Purple Island and experience its grand landscape in a thrilling -1.5hour kayaking adventure. Paddle through the scenic channel at the mangroves, then take in the beautiful scenery and weather at the campsite with a range of snacks and beverages on hand.

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