Top 6 Trending Travel Expeditions that you need to try for 2022

2022 is the year of hope, where we hope we will be able to move on from the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, people have suffered a lot and, all the travels had to be canceled. 2021 is over, and 2022 is the hope of a normal life for many people.

Maybe you are one of the people who had to cancel your travel plans last year. Maybe you have not decided on where to go, and what to do during your travels yet. Here are some places most of the travelers went to last year and some of the things they did while they went to those places.

Lovers of Botany and Green Spaces

Sustainability and green places are the focus of the travel world this year. Many countries are now improving upon sustainable environmental changes, and this is going on in all the continents of the world. Due to the goal of creating better earth with a more natural atmosphere, a lot of these countries are bringing nature and the city together. Some have created botanic gardens, others are creating more natural park reserves to protect both plants and animals, while some are using transportation mediums that do not pollute the environment, and many more. 

Here are the two best places to travel, if you adore nature and green spaces.

Thy National Park
The first is from Denmark, as it is the most sustainable country in the world so far. The best sustainable place to see in Denmark right now is Thy National Park.

Thy National Park

Why go there? It is simple, Thy National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. It is peaceful, and a way to experience the coastal community and come out knowing the feeling of going to a place shaped and thriving on wind and water.

Gothenburg Botanic Garden
Next, is the Gothenburg Botanic Garden in Sweden. As the name implies, it is a botanical garden in Sweden. It is one of the reasons why Sweden obtained the first position in the list of sustainable countries worldwide. This garden is present in the heart of Gothenburg city and is home to a large collection of about 16000 plant species, including 1500 orchids.

Gothenburg Botanic Garden

Lovers of Beach Life

Of course, after a long season of work for the workaholics, we tend to search for beaches where they can go to relax. Here are two beautiful beach nations you should go to if you want your term of relaxation to be worthwhile. These two wonderful countries are the Maldives and Seychelles.

The Maldives has a lot of beautiful views and thrilling activities that will make your stay worthwhile. It is one of the beach countries worldwide that has the bioluminescence characteristic. This characteristic is due to the organisms that glow inside its waters, causing the magical sight of a glowing ocean to appear. 


The Maldives is also one of the best spots for newly wedded couples to celebrate their honeymoon and make their wedding memorable. And, like the other beaches, you can do a lot on the Maldive beaches that include swimming, sunbathing, and there is an underwater restaurant where people go to eat and admire life under the ocean.

Next is Seychelles, which is also one of the best beach nations in the world. People from all over the world visit this place for similar reasons to that of Maldives. One of the major visitor attractions is Aldabra Atoll, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This island contains a lot of rare species, such as the endangered Aldabra giant tortoise.


Seychelles is the setting of the world’s largest seed, Coco de Mer, and the ice cream lovers also visit this island to see the vanilla plantations. Also, when you get to the beach nation, Seychelles, you will see. The La Digue Island in Seychelles is called by many people the most photographed beach in the world. As one of the beaches of Seychelles Island, it has a picturesque atmosphere that draws professional photographers and all lovers of photography to itself. For more about Seychelles Island, you can check out the Top 5 Reasons Why Seychelles Should be Your Next Destination Before 2021 Ends.

The Unique Sites admirers

History plays an important role in the cultures of various ethnicities in the world. Local legends, hearsay, myths, and many other stories spiked the interests of many travelers this year. There is so much history everywhere you go, from your home towns to the many travel destinations you find yourself. The various historic events bring forth many beautiful and most unique sites to see. Here are two of these unique places you can go to see on your next travel expedition.

Merry Cemetery
Every time people hear of a cemetery, all they think of is that it is a place of sorrow. A place to remember your loved ones and to know you will not see them again. The Merry Cemetery in the town of Sapanta in Romania gives off a feeling that is opposite to the usual feeling we experience from the many cemeteries worldwide.

Merry Cemetery

At the Merry Cemetery, Stan Loan Patras started creating beautiful gravestones that told the stories of the people to whom the gravestones belong. Unlike the usual rest in peace, and we shall meet again, Patras who started working on the gravestones around 1935 told the stories of the people in those graves. Some of their epitaphs spoke of how they died, others told funny stories of some funny moments they had when they were alive. Stan died years ago, but his skillful apprentice, Dumitru Pop, continues his legacy.

Bomarzo Monster Park
Bomarzo Monster Park…. The name sounds spooky, so get ready for a thrilling adventure into Italy’s own Bomarzo Monster Park. The park is located in the Viterbo province. An imaginary yet concrete world awaits you, filled with creatures from ancient mythology and large stone monsters.

Bomarzo Monster Park

As you may think it looks scary, Prince Orsini had a different idea to which he brought the whole place to life. The structure and everything in it were dedicated to his wife, Giulia Farnese. There is also a temple devoted to her called Tempietto, found on a small hill surrounded by greens. This park was lost for a while and finally found about 400 years later by the Bettini family. The wonderful park got rediscovered and more valuable since great artists like Salvador Dali got inspiration from it to make The Temptation of Saint Anthony.

Ending thoughts

To end it all, the pandemic from the previous year got people to pause the plans they had for travel. You may be one of those people. This year, take a break and enjoy life. If you are ready to start your adventure, then Gothenburg’s Botanical Garden, Thy National Park, Maldives beaches, Seychelles Island, Merry Cemetery, and Bomarzo Monster Park are some of the best places you can begin with.

Cover photo credits: Photographer, Sean Oulashin


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