UAE's 5 Most Exquisite Must Try Cuisines For Once In a Life-Time Experience

UAE is a hub of food-lovers, or you can even call it a paradise for food lovers. Emirati cuisine is a blend of many cultures and a rich history, which makes the food even more special. Emariti cuisine contains the essence of every Arabian culture. You will find some of the best Lebanese, Egyptian, Palestinian and Iranian dishes that you have never tasted before. The special thing about Arabian foods is the rich flavor of every dish you will taste, as typical Arabian food is full of spices, and packed full of herbs to enhance that rich unique taste.

Today we are going to explore some of the UAE's exclusive mouth-watering dishes, so you can have an idea of some of the must-try cuisines before you decide to visit UAE. Well, let's get started with today's food blog!


#1: Machboos

Machboos Dish

Machboos is a popular Emirati dish that resembles the look of Indian Biryani. This dish is a traditional dish passed on from generation to generation. It is a purely non-vegetarian dish that consists of Basmati rice topped with layers of delicious meat. You can use any type of meat you want, but the most popularly used meat is chicken and lamb. The main flavoring or the magic ingredients of this dish are local Arabian spices, cardamom, cinnamon, which are then mixed with dried lemon.

This dish is the main highlight of special events and Iftar meals in Ramadan. My suggestion for those who are trying this dish for the first time would be to try this dish with salad and raita. Adding these to your Machboos would help digest the food and enrich the flavor of rice and meat.


#2: Harees

Harees Dish

Harees is a traditional, ancient, and one of the most beloved Arabian dishes. This dish is a pure skill of art and requires a proper artist to extract those rich flavors. Preparing this dish is also not easy and requires a great deal of time and patience. The main ingredients of this dish are crushed wheat, minced meat, along with the garnish of onions and ground cumin.

In the first step of cooking Harees, the wheat is boiled for around three hours in salted water. After this, meat is added to the wheat to be mixed again. This mixture is then heated to form a thick porridge. Harees is best served hot with fresh ghee on top to amplify the mouth-watering flavor. You can also add some chopped onion on top.

Harees is the crown jewel of many special events and religious occasions. It is a vital heritage of Arabian food heritage and has been passed from generation to generation.


#3: Knafeh

Knafeh Dish

Knafeh is one of the most popular sweet dishes in the UAE and is equally popular in other Middle Eastern countries. This dish's origin can be traced back to Palestine but has become very popular all over the Muslim world. This sweet dish is a sticky pastry made of gooey cheese baked in shredded phyllo dough and then soaked in crisp sugar syrup. It's best enjoyed fresh as soon as it's baked.

This dish is popular all over the year but becomes a massive hit during the month of Ramadan. During this period, the orders can reach up to 1000+ per day and, most people buy this treat for iftar.


#4: Luqaymat

Luqaymat Dish

Luqaymat is a renowned sweet dish which too hard to resist, and that's why it's so popular in the UAE. These are considered as "must-have" sweet-dish in restaurants and homes. Luqaymat is basically a sweet fried dumpling made from flour, sesame seeds, turmeric, milk, sugar, a little yeast, and covered in date syrup. It is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, making them melt into your mouth as soon as you eat them. Luqaymat is completely covered in date syrup smeared with sesame seeds.

Luqaymat is known to be an old Arabian dish originating from the dish word "halwa al-luqaymat", but Greeks also had a similar version of this dish named "loukoumades".


#5: Ouzi

Ouzi Dish

You might have seen a particular dish in a large container full of rice and big chunks of meat, surrounded by a group of people. Well, that is the renowned Ouzi for you. This dish is popular in the Arabian regions and is considered one of Iraq's national dishes. Ouzi is prepared with rice, slowly-cooked lamb meat, and various spices, topped with almond, pine nuts, and raisins.

You can not taste better lamb meat than the one used in Ouzi. It is slowly cooked lamb meat which makes it extra tender, and when mixed with rice, it becomes the best savory combination you could ever dream of tasting. This dish is in the center of every large function or gathering. As the dish is cooked in large quantity, so it's the best option for a large number of people. I would recommend you use some raita, yogurt, or tomato sauce along with the main dish.



Arabian food is so rich and unique in every aspect that you just can't get enough of it. Every food you taste represents a cultural heritage, history of traditions, and a taste that has passed on for centuries. So, to make you note down some of the best dishes for your next visit to UAE, I have listed our top 5 UAE's Most Exquisite cuisines that you must try. Some of these cuisines are pure meat heaven like Machboos and Ouzi, while some of them are a treat to your sweet tooth. Nevertheless, you need to try them once in your life to get a more personal view of UAE's food.

That's all from my side for today. If you enjoy reading food blogs and want to read more then check out Jordan's 5 recommended food item blog. Plus, if you have any questions or want to give your feedback, we would love to hear it. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Stay tuned as we post more informative blogs and fascinating experiences.



  • Abdul Malik Avatar
    Abdul Malik - 9 months ago
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post about the 5 most exquisite cuisines in the UAE. I've been to Dubai a few times and I've tried some of these dishes, but there are a few that I haven't had yet. I'm definitely going to have to try harees and knafeh next time I'm there. For more visit to my website -

  • Bruce Halland Avatar
    Bruce Halland - 6 months ago
    Having had the pleasure of tasting Harees during my visit, I can't help but agree with your sentiments. It's a dish that truly encapsulates the heart and soul of Arabian cuisine. I have mentioned about my experience in detail on my site Tic8M8

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