What are the Best Green Places to Visit in Europe, Asia, and South America in 2022?

Everyone agrees that the rate at which natural resources are depleting is on the rise. Hunting wildlife, deforestation, and other land degrading activities have led to a peek at the need for sustainable places everywhere.

Today's article is going to tell you about some of the most sustainable places in Asia, Europe, and South America. Get your plane tickets ready because we will blow your mind with places you wish you knew earlier.

Sweden – Europe

Gothenburg in Sweden ranked three times in a row as the world’s most sustainable place. It was once an industrial port city, but now it is one of the world’s most sustainable environments. Here are a few things you should try out on your visit to the second-largest city in Sweden.

Firstly, to feel nature, you should consider visiting the Gothenburg Botanical Garden and the Universeum. Though they are very different places, they both have an eco-friendly natural feeling they give off. The botanical garden is in the heart of the city. There, you will find greenhouses that hold the country’s largest collection of 1500 orchids and about 16000 other plant species. This place is a haven for botanists and flower lovers to see. Also, most people go to the Universeum to see the rainforest, aquarium, and the many exotic plants and animals, all under the same roof.

Secondly, there is Liseberg. If you go to Gothenburg with your family and want to have some fun with your kids, Liseberg is a place you should see. This amusement park houses the largest vertical roller coaster in Europe. The Park contains flowers, carousels, and it is most lively when the concerts begin. Liseberg’s traditional nature combines greenery, woodwork, and steel to give you a natural-city experience.

Lastly, trying to cover all the green places in Gothenburg may take forever, but when you go to Gothenburg as a lover of art, you should see the Gothenburg Museum of Art. This museum opened in 1923. Though it has many beautiful artworks, it is most known for the 19th-century Nordic ones. Artists like Edvard Munch, Anders Zorn, and many other incredible artists have their works here.

Singapore - Asia

Nicknamed the city in a garden, Singapore is more than a highly populated region with dense malls. There are so many beautiful gardens in some areas of Singapore. Here are three of them that are worth exploring on your next trip to Singapore.

Firstly, we have the Singapore Botanic Garden. It is one place no plant enthusiast would like to miss when they find themselves in Singapore. The Singapore Botanic Garden is the oldest of all the gardens in Singapore. Its location is in the heart of the busy city. UNESCO World Heritage Sites gave the garden recognition about six years ago, in 2015. Though there are many reasons why it is famous, some of its main highlights include the National Orchid Garden that has over 1000 different species, more than 2000 hybridized orchids, and a mini tropical rainforest.

Also, we have the Gardens by the Bay. Garden by the Bay is the most famous garden in Singapore, it has rare flowers, and it constitutes the Bay Central, Bay South, and Bay East waterfront gardens. This Park has 18 metal structures called Super Tree Groves. All sorts of vegetation and greenery cover these groves. There is a bridge between two of the tallest Groves that tourists can go to get a better perspective of the entire garden.

Finally, the Jurong Garden. It is a green sanctuary that houses the famous Chinese and Japanese Gardens. The Jurong Garden is not as well-known as the others. Its eco garden covers the Summit Forest, Freshwater Swamp Forest, and the Wildlife Corridor. Also, it is home to several butterfly species and birds for avian enthusiasts. Though there are many green spaces in Asia, Singapore has ranked one of the most sustainable spaces in the world. 

Curitiba, Brazil – South America

Curitiba may not be one of the most visited places in Brazil, but it plays a crucial role in the greenest environments there. There is so much to do in this beautiful capital of Parana. There is green space everywhere in this city with parks and nature spots. Here are a few places you should plan to see on your next trip to Curitiba, Brazil.

The image above shows the variety of beautiful flowers in the Curitiba Botanic Garden. This garden’s design is like that of the French garden. It occupies around 5000 feet and includes a theatre, an auditorium, a library, and even a museum.

Next, we have the Wire Opera House. The Opera House is a beautiful blend of modern architecture and a green environment. It is enveloped in a forest and is close to a lake you can get to via a walkway. People may say opera is not one of the things they like to see, but just walking into this Wire Opera House is something every tourist who finds themselves in Curitiba should do.

Lastly, going to see and appreciate the architecture at Oscar Niemeyer Museum. It goes by other names like Niemeyer’s eye. The Niemeyer’s eye sits on a pool of water and connects to the museum’s main building via an underground walkway. For people who love photography, this is a hotspot for photographers to take pictures and experience the beauty of Curitiba.

The beautiful dream of a world filled with green and sustainable places is a work in progress. Some countries are making that dream a reality by introducing to their people some beautiful green spaces. Every ticket bought and every trip made to a sustainable environment is an act that a person does to speed up the rate at which the dream of a green world. 

The above-listed countries from three of the world's continents show some countries from each continent with many green spaces. Sweden in Europe, Singapore in Asia, and Brazil in South America have all appeared on a list of countries with many sustainable environments and green spaces. Gothenburg, Jurong, and Curitiba are cities from each of the countries above with the best green spaces you should try to see.

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