Meditative Forest Experience in Dibbeen Jerash

  • Difficulty Level
  • Duration Time
    6 Hours
  • Number of Person
    1 - 5 Person

Get ready to be transformed by the powerful energy of the forest. I invite you to embark on this meditative journey in the forest and go back to basics. This experience is inspired by the Japanese practice of “shinrin yoku” also known as “forest bathing” and has been proven to reduce stress and improve feelings of connectedness and happiness. We will spend our time outdoors breathing, walking, enjoying nature, and sharing a meal together. You will leave feeling more relaxed, connected, and filled with energy fueled by the forest and the practices we will be doing. My name is Mohammad Assaf and I moved from the city to the forest in 2019. I have experienced the healing benefits of nature and I cannot wait to share these practices with you!

What you’re going to do

The experience starts at 9 am in the Dibeen forest reserve in Jerash where my camp is. We start by stretching, breathing, and moving in a free flow of body movements and slowly start strolling through the forest experiences the scents and sounds of the magical place we’re in. We then find a spot in the forest to meditate and simply observe our surroundings. We continue walking back to the camp while still practicing mindfulness. Around 2 pm we enjoy a vegetarian lunch made with local ingredients. The experience ends at 3 pm however you are welcome to stay as long as you want (we light a bonfire at night!)


Things to keep in mind: please bring your own mug, plate, and eco-friendly utensils. 


  • Outdoorsy


  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Herbal Tea


  • Transportation
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Cancellation Policy:

48 hours in advance

Reviews (3)

  • Laila Abdallah
    Laila Abdallah
    Feb 22, 22

    Lovely day in nature

    We were a group of six ladies and we had a wonderful day in nature. We had a nice walk, ate lunch and enjoyed conversations with Mohammad, he’s a very nice host. I felt so relaxed after a full day in the forest, very therapeutic!

  • Maysoon Nesheiwat
    Maysoon Nesheiwat
    Feb 21, 22

    Forest Experience

    A peacefull and informative visit .. Great day with excellent host 👌.

  • Salma Al Zu'bi
    Salma Al Zu'bi
    Jan 16, 22

    Therapeutic experience

    I really enjoyed this experience, much needed break away from the city’s chaos. Great host!

Curated name


Living in the forest side for the past few years wandering around native trees and herbs, experimenting the nature's organic way of complementing our natural way of living. meeting the elders on the way to learn and relearn the skills that our ancestors gained through their experiences. Merging the elders' knowledge with modern science and my experiences in forest life, sound journey retreats, martial arts, breathing, and forest therapy to present a sustainable place and a mindful experience for people to de-stress, learn and rediscover themselves and their relationship with nature through a verity of activities with a new approach such as mindful walks, workshops, camping, moving therapy, clay pots outdoors cooking, retreats and activities in the forest. Also, i hold space for other teachers and innovators to share their knowledge and expertise with the local community.

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