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Alternative Downtown Amman Tour
Amman, Jordan
History & Heritage , Local Tours
3.5 Hours
Arabic & English

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Meeting at Al Husseini Mosque, we will walk to soug al Bukharieh - the first market established in Amman. The story of Jabal al Joufeh will be unveiled as we move towards the stunning view overlooking Amman from Ahmad's roof, where he will share with us his love for the art of pigeon taming and watching. His family will welcome us and tell us about living in an informal Palestinian camp. Walking through the narrow stairs that identify the city, we will arrive in downtown Amman, where we will meet the Falafel pioneer and hear the story of Fuad, established in 1948. With Habibah knafeh around the corner, we will enjoy a slice of their famous dish. Passing by Gahwet el Ahd al Qadim, we will hear about the Eucalyptus tree framing the old coffee shop. From the 14th floor of Fuhais Building, we will enjoy the magical view and learn about the 7 hills of Amman. Arriving at Al-Kalha stairs to see the new local street art and unique business models created by the youth we will end the tour.


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Snacks along the way: -falafel, nuts, Syrian sweets, tea & water

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