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Lebanese artists, stand together to provide online art experiences
with all the proceeds directed towards helping the Community Of Lebanese Artists to revive the art community in Lebanon
What is the Community Of Lebanese Artists?
The Community Of Lebanese Artists’s aims is to create a union for all Lebanese Artists to flourish and develop the art world in Lebanon. Especially after the explosion on 8/4/2020, Lebanese Artists have experienced bad downturns that have led them to give up in such difficult times. The Community Of Lebanese Artists took it as their duty to support their artists, and help rebuild the art scene in Lebanon.
How can I contribute?
Lebanese artists will take you to a full journey of art, you can listen to their inspiring stories, and you can learn valuable information about the art world in Lebanon. By donating, you will not only support the Community of Lebanese Artists, but you will also gain access to online experiences for various artists displaying their story and art; whether it’s realism or portrait, you will for sure be inspired!
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