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My name is Rima Abuharb, and I'm a self-taught artist. You will dive into the imagination of a very humble Palestinian girl living her life in Doha, Qatar. Through the bright days and the gloomy days, I spent 23 years surviving what was coming my way. During these 23 years, I learned how to speak, write, read and paint just like any other human! But something in me was telling me to let it out, to scream, to shout it out, and not keep it to myself therefore, I began painting on canvas when I was 14 years old and I developed my experience because of the feedback I got from the people around me, they kept on telling me how creative and colorful my artwork is, which inspired me to do more and try to inspire others on the way too. I always encourage people around me to use their imagination to create anything they have in mind, which will be a beautiful outcome for their creative minds. After 9 years of painting on canvas, I switched to painting on tote bags where I developed it into a small business of mine, not only that but also, design prints and print them on tote bags. Teaching people how to paint on tote bags is one of my goals for 2022 and hopefully, I will reach that goal by reaching more audiences where I inspire them to open up about their imagination and use it to create a beautiful masterpiece.

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